The PolyU DBA Alumni Association


The PolyU DBA Alumni Association Limited (DBAAA) was established on 18th February, 2000 to build and maintain a network among PolyU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduates, and to encourage and sustain professional development of the Association’s members. DBAAA members are connected to an alumni network of 20 years’ PolyU DBA students. This is an extensive network of fellow cohorts from diverse backgrounds, fields and […]

Types of Membership

Life Member : Membership Fee of HK$2000 for PolyU DBA graduates Associate Member: Membership Fee of HK$2000 for PolyU DBA students Life Application Procedure The HK$2,000 Membership fee includes the $20 Federation administration fee All Life members will automatically become the members of the Federation of the HK PolyU Alumni Associations (FHKPUAA). A Federation Card will be issued by the Federation to each applicant. Associate […]

Message from Chairman

Dear members, It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of our new website for our DBAAA members. As the Chairman of the Doctor of Business Administration Alumni Association Chairman, I feel proud to witness the PolyU DBA program have nurtured hundreds of Scholar Manager Doctorate Graduates who will certainly provide great contribution to our society and are equipped with sharp analytical mind, research […]

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2018 Graduation

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