DBA Thesis List

Author Fong, Chi-leung Sunny (1999)
Title The dimensionality and determinants of pay satisfaction : a cross-cultural investigation of a firm’s group incentive plan


Author Tam, Sheung Andrew (1999)
Title An empirical investigation of self-concept and Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior for automobile purchase intention


Author Yip, Wai-kwong Felix (1999)
Title The impact of human resources managers and middle level managers on perceived performance of organizations under differing business strategies


Author Lok, Anthony C. C (1999)
Title An investigation of an experientially based approach to management training in a bureaucratic organization


Author Tai, Chang-ching Reginald (1999)
Title Strategic decision making about the status of Hong Kong-based regional headquarters of selected European and North-American firms in 1997 : a study in discontinuous change


Author Chan, Lit-man Lismen (1999)
Title The impact of organizational culture, human resource practices, and strategy on company performance in Hong Kong : a dynamic resource view

Author Cheuk, Chun-yin Albert (1999)
Title Community policing in Hong Kong : an institutional analysis

Author Lieu, Geoffrey Sek Yiu (1999)
Title Factors affecting the effectiveness of governance in Hong Kong’s public hospitals

Author Tong, James Yiu-woon (1999)
Title Critical success factors of business process reengineering : a case study

Author Ng, Kin-ching David (1999)
Title The effects of alliance relationships on customer responses : an empirical study of interior decoration service

Author Wong, Leung-kwong Peter (2000)
Title The influence of Guanxi on local partner selection : a study of small and medium-sized Sino-Hong Kong manufacturing joint ventures in southern China


Author Yuen, Man-chun Royce (2000)
Title The impact of celebrity spokespersons’ perceived image on brand preference and purchase intention


Author Takei, Yuichi (2000)
Title The “Big Bang” financial market reforms : impacts on the strategies of Japanese city banks


Author Chan, Yiu-wa Victor (2000)
Title A DBA research thesis on blueprinting as a strategic tool for managing service quality : a study of a retail bank in Hong Kong


Author Fung, Kin-ming David (2000)
Title Understanding the individual mutual fund investors in Hong Kong : factors influencing purchase decision


Author Ko, Koon-hung Anthony (2000)
Title Factors affecting the pricing of electricity in twelve Asian countries


Author Ho, Chi-kun (2001)
Title Corporate governance and corporate competitiveness : an international analysis


Author Ip, Yan-keung Kenneth (2001)
Title Construction and evaluation of a green supply chain


Author Oswald, Peter Thomas Dirk (2001)
Title Buyer-seller relationship : service, relationship quality and customer loyalty in China


Author Law, Ka-hung Rudy (2001)
Title A survey of Hong Kong software industry : in search of a competitive strategy for the small & medium size software firms


Author Chang, Jin (2001)
Title Implement supply chain management in contract electronics manufacturing industry


Author Luk, John (2001)
Title An investigation on the effects of the Hong Kong dollar peg on the Hong Kong financial and real properties


Author Tam, Sing-sun (2001)
Title The effect of construction contractor’s multi-layer subcontracting strategy on project performance : a case study of construction firms in Hong Kong


Author Cheng, Lan-fong Miranda (2001)
Title Corporate entrepreneurship of the international joint ventures in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China


Author Man, Kin-wah Andy (2001)
Title Factors affecting selling effectiveness in China : adaptive behaviour, relationship orientation and knowledge


Author Chan, Ching-kit (2001)
Title A social exchange model of employee withdrawal


Author Yung, Yiu-wing Paul (2001)
Title Brand image and brand loyalty : the case of auto-repair services in Hong Kong


Author Leung, Wai-on (2001)
Title The effect of partner selection on Sino-foreign joint venture management team dynamics and performance


Author Chu, Chung-man Ferrick (2001)
Title Family-friendly policy and family-supportive supervisor : how they benefit both employers and employees


Author Chan, Yiu-wing (2002)
Title Perceived exchange relationships and staff attitude and behaviour in the Hong Kong Police Force : a case study of Central Traffic Prosecutions Bureau


Author Lam, Yim-ping (2002)
Title Strategy for successful implementation of traveler information systems (TIS) in Hong Kong


Author Chow, Clement S. F (2002)
Title Eco-label design : the influence of visual and verbal cues on purchase intentions


Author Leung, Chi-bun Eric (2002)
Title The effect of leadership behavior on subordinate attitude and performance in a para-military organization


Author Chu, Kwok-keung Eric (2002)
Title Retail quality improvement through customer contact : a quasi-experiment in the Hong Kong jewelry industry


Author Wong, Lai-tim (2002)
Title The influence of stakeholder pressures on the effectiveness of EMS components and environmental performance : an empirical study of fleet operations in Hong Kong


Author Ho, Chi-shing David (2002)
Title Determinants of strike motivation and strike commitment : an empirical investigation of public transport workers in Hong Kong


Author Chan, Kit-ying Sandy (2002)
Title Perceived organizational politics among nursing professionals in a Chinese society : direct effects on attitudinal and bahavioral outcomes and moderating effects of Guanxi and participative management


Author Hui, Yun-yee Encon (2002)
Title Asset maintenance strategy : the effect of asset specificity on the relational norm of networking with technical service agents


Author Lai, Pak-kin (2002)
Title A development and test of a multi-focus model of oranisational citizenship behaviour for Hong Kong employees


Author Lo, Kim-sang Aaron (2003)
Title An empirical study of ingredient branding


Author Kwong, Siu-ling (2003)
Title Adaptation and firm performance : the moderating role of firm size


Author Wong, Wai-wah Angela (2003)
Title The impacts of organizational justice perception on employees’ behavioral outcomes in Hong Kong


Author Fu, Ka-mun Carmen (2003)
Title The influence of socialization tactics on expatriate adaptation and turnover intentions : a study of contemporary expatriate workers in Hong Kong


Author Law, Tang-fai James (2003)
Title Determinants of relationship commitment in online financial investment services : a structural equation approach


Author Leung, Chi-kong David (2003)
Title A study of abusive supervision : its impact on Hong Kong subordinates’ attitudes and behaviors


Author Lai, Tin-chi Christine (2003)
Title A social capital model of organizational citizenship behavior : a study of bank employees in greater China


Author Lee, Danny (2003)
Title Factors affecting the decision to sell shareholdings in local private firms in the marketing communication industry in China


Author Lam, Yiu-chau David (2003)
Title Adoption of Internet banking : an empirical study of personal and corporate customers in Hong Kong


Author Sie, Kam-yung Agnes (2003)
Title Factors affecting the effectiveness of measures taken by multinational companies against product counterfeiting in China


Author Chung, Kam-ho Manson (2003)
Title Factors affecting tip size in restaurants : a study of Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong


Author Chan, Heron
Title The impact of the effective management of intellectual capital on firm performance


Author Yeung, Chiu-kwan Barry (2003)
Title An investigation of factors affecting the choice of public or private hospital services in Hong Kong, focussing on group insured in-patient users


Author Li, Wing-sun (2003)
Title The impact of organizational uncertainty on employee commitment : the moderating roles of coping with change and perceived trustworthiness


Author Kwan, Chun-kau Leo (2003)
Title The adoption of online shopping : a study on Hong Kong and the United Kingdom


Author Ko, Lap-kwong David (2003)
Title Business strategy, technology development and characteristics of Asian firms : an empirical study of the Hong Kong electronics industry


Author Chan, Y. M. Eddie (2003)
Title The determinants of IT outsourcing in the Hong Kong textiles & clothing industry


Author Choi, Yat-ming (2003)
Title The influence of patient’s satisfaction and health locus-of-control belief to the use of Chinese medical treatment in Hong Kong


Author Kwong, Kwok-wah Edwin (2003)
Title Setting the stage for new product development : an empirical study of the Hong Kong electronics industry


Author Liu, Jun (2003)
Title Perceived quality, sacrifice and value : an empirical study of clients of foreign banks and local banks in China


Author Chan, Po-wan Paul (2003)
Title Person-environment fit and work performance in the hotel industry of Hong Kong


Author Ng, Lai-man Carmen (2003)
Title IPOS in China : an empirical study of performance, returns, and earnings manipulation


Author Kwan, Ngan-hing Edith (2003)
Title Organizational learning : a framework of organizational renewal


Author Siu, Miu-chee Corinna (2003)
Title An exploratory study of the critical success factors for IT-enabled property agencies in Guangzhou


Author Tam, Wai-mou Vincent (2004)
Title The influence of general cognitive ability, personality and social skill on job performance : a predictive validity study of engineers working with a toy manufacturing company in the People’s Republic of China


Author Leung, Wing-yat Mike (2004)
Title The effects of leader-member exchange and psychological contract fulfillment of individuals’ organizational citizenship behaviours


Author So, William (2004)
Title Conflict resolution strategies : an analysis of the perspective used in of principal-distributor relationship


Author Law, Cheuk-hung Chuck (2004)
Title The business value of information technology : an assessment of IT impacts on competitive capabilities of business firms


Author Lee, Chun-ying Andrew (2004)
Title An exploration of trust and buyer-seller relationship quality in the Hong Kong toy industry


Author Lam, Po-hing Michael (2004)
Title Re-searching for a needle in a haystack : leadership as a moderator between climates and performance


Author Yu, Tai-tei (2004)
Title Business intelligence supports for management process


Author Lai, Chi-fung Lawrence (2004)
Title The driving forces of customer loyalty : a study of user perception of Internet service providers in Hong Kong


Author Chin, Kar-kin Jimmy (2005)
Title Factors affecting the adoption of a mobile computing system


Author Yen, Gordon (2005)
Title The critical role of fabric mills on the raw material management in the apparel supply chain


Author Wu, King-ha Thomas (2005)
Title Effects of diversification and market power on firm value in the Asian emerging markets


Author Choy, Wai-cho Petrus (2005)
Title Measuring factors that influence the success of quality management in the shipping industry


Author Poon, Sai-cheong Raymond (2005)
Title Teaching stressors, work meaningfulness and psychological burnout : an investigation of secondary school teachers in Hong Kong


Author Tam, Oi-lan Irelan (2005)
Title Perceived personal safety, organizational commitment, work stress and burnout : a case study of nurses in Hong Kong


Author Law, Tin-sing Vincent (2005)
Title Factors affecting the support for medical savings accounts in Hong Kong


Author Chiu, See-fong Ida (2005)
Title Successful factors for implementing business process reengineering (BPR) : an empirical study of financial services industry in Hong Kong


Author Wong, Yuk-hing (2005)
Title Strategy formulation in the retail sector under economic crisis conditions


Author Kwong, Kam-yin Roy (2005)
Title A study of Chinese cultural factors affecting negotiation outcome in China


Author Chan, Kai-cheong (2005)
Title The use of derivatives and its impact on firm value : evidence from Australian firms


Author Kao, Rueybin (2005)
Title The relationship between supervisory board and independent non-executive directors and firm performance in China


Author Lee, Philip (2005)
Title Hong Kong’s film industry : a path to enter the global market in the new century


Author Chan, Chung-wai Andy (2006)
Title Strategy, structure, and performance : a multiple case study of retail companies in Hong Kong


Author Cheung, Moon-wah (2006)
Title Two-tier wages and organizational justice : a study of social workers in Hong Kong


Author Wong, Siu-ping Christine (2006)
Title The key to service excellence : separate or joint impact of leader-member exchange and service climate on employees’ service performance


Author Chung, Soo-fong (2006)
Title Determinants of corporate cash holdings : evidence from Hong Kong


Author Hu, Jianxin (2006)
Title Project buyout performance of Chinese International Construction Enterprises (CICEs) : the case in developing countries (Sri Lanka)


Author Fong, Kai-hung (2006)
Title A multilevel empowerment model : the effects of empowering leadership and psychological empowerment on job satisfaction, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behaviors


Author Yu, Ying-kui Pedro (2006)
Title Identification of relevant success factors of product extensions in the fast moving consumer goods sector in Hong Kong


Author Leung, Hung-fai Albert (2006)
Title Capacity management in a directionally imbalanced environment : transpacific air freight


Author Lui, Chi-keung Evans (2006)
Title Empirical analysis on the relationship between implied volatility and realized volatility in Hong Kong and Japan


Author Leung, Ho-yin Stephen (2006)
Title An empirical study of the capital structure of the property companies in Hong Kong


Author Lam, Kit Lan Cynthia (2007)
Title The roles of independent non-executive directors and dual CEO/Chairman in quality of corporate reporting (earnings management and voluntary disclosure) [electronic resource] : Hong Kong evidence


Author Chow, Kai-ming Michael (2007)
Title Government-NGO-business job creation tripartite initiative social responsibility case studies in Hong Kong


Author Suk, Fat-chun (2007)
Title The influence of extrinsic incentives on intrinsic motivation for online IT acceptance : a study of personal adoption of two-factor authentication technology in Internet banking


Author Kay, Li-kuen Andrew (2007)
Title International exhibition organizers in China and their performance


Author Hung, Wing-ying Priscilla (2007)
Title Corporate diversification in family-controlled firms : evidence from Hong Kong


Author Cheung, Tak-yin Douglas (2007)
Title The effect of corporate transparency on financial analysts’ forecast properties


Author Cheung, Kam-fun Anita (2007)
Title Applying RFID in logistics management : perception of telecommunication service providers


Author Yeung, Kam-tai Kenny (2007)
Title Personality compatibility and individual performance : a field study of a MNC in greater China


Author Chan, Eva (2007)
Title The effect of foreign strategic investors on the performance of PRC H-firms before and after IPOs


Author Wah, Mei-lai Denise (2007)
Title The effects of role stressors and paternalistic leadership on work attitudes and performance : the case of Hong Kong school teachers


Author Lau, K. K. Peter (2007)
Title Appropriate emotional display at work and climate for service : a multilevel study of Chinese retail sales associates


Author Yuen, C. K. Peter (2007)
Title A study of crisis preparation management in Hong Kong companies : the case of bird flu


Author Fok, Kai-kwong James (2007)
Title Technology development strategies and corporate performance : evidence from the growth enterprise market


Author Chow, Sin-ping Maria (2007)
Title The consequences of perceived job insecurity and organizational cynicism in a post-merger organisation



Author Chung, Siu-chun (2007)
Title The impact of knowledge management on marketing performance


Author Wong, Kelvin (2007)
Title Family ownership and firm performance : evidence from Hong Kong during the Asian financial crisis


Author Yeung, Wai-hung (2007)
Title An empirical study of the impact of brand name on personal customers’ adoption of Internet banking in Hong Kong


Author Chiu, Yu-chun Benjamin (2007)
Title A multi-channel relationship commitment model for the life insurance industry


Author Au, Mo-cheung (2008)
Title The relationship between power concentration in firms and their financial performance : evidence from mainland China


Author Chan, Chung-yee Hubert (2008)
Title What makes customers discontent with service providers? : an empirical analysis of complaint handling in information and communication technology services


Author Li, Siu-kei (2008)
Title The role of the party secretary in firm corporate governance and business performance : evidence from listed enterprises in China


Author Ho, Sui-kwong Alan (2008)
Title The nonlinear association between abnormal audit fees and audit quality : evidence from Hong Kong


Author Chin, Shu-kai Eric (2008)
Title Information system security assimilation : a theoretical and empirical model


Author Lo, Ping-wa Lawrence (2008)
Title Insider trading laws, earnings management and the cost of equity capital


Author Wong, Hung-ho Maurice (2008)
Title Transferring technology from university to industry in a low absorptive capacity environment : nanotechnology and the Hong Kong textile industry


Author Chow, Ngai-keung (2008)
Title An exploraratory study of factors affecting usage of information technology in support of knowledge sharing in service organizations in Hong Kong


Author Tse, Yiu-ping (2008)
Title Relational schemas as determinants of high quality team-member exchange


Author Ching, Siu-ming Vincent (2008)
Title Brand equity and cost of capital


Author Engriwan, Wilhelmi (2008)
Title Examining knowledge sharing behaviors from motivational, social capital and cultural perspectives : empirical study on postgraduate students in Hong Kong


Author Lou, Lai Wah Miranda (2009)
Title Use of knowledge management systems across nations : culture-free or culture-bound


Author Wong, Kam-shing (2009)
Title Critical success factors of supply management for Hong Kong’s branded watch manufacturing industry


Author Tsang, Yuk-kwan Alfred (2009)
Title An application of the unfolding model of voluntary turnover in China


Author Xu, Kehan (2009)
Title Enterprise performance and its antecedents in a ‘hybrid’ institutional setting : China’s pharmaceutical sector


Author Yip, Fu-keung (2009)
Title Supply risk management via guanxi in the Chinese business context : the buyer’s perspective


Author Mak, Yin-king (2009)
Title Understanding the effects of social capital factors and individual motivators on knowledge sharing : a study of professional accountants in Hong Kong


Author He, Kaiyu (2009)
Title The relationship among customers’ personal traits, commitment, and switching intentions : an empirical investigation in the Chinese retail banking sector


Author Lee, Siu-mei Salina (2010)
Title “I hope someday you can join us” : effects of charismatic leadership, followers’ submissiveness, self-esteem and individual differentiation on turnover intention in multilevel marketing


Author Leung, Kwong-wai Humphrey (2010)
Title Effects of mastery orientation on employee creativity and moderating and mediating roles of team psychological safety and creative self-efficacy : a cross-level investigation


Author Chan, Chi-ming (2010)
Title Moderating effect of the orientation of top management on quality management and firm performance


Author Yip, Wing-tat (2010)
Title The moderating role of zone-of-tolerance in the quality-satisfaction relationship for quick service restaurants


Author Tsui, Hon-yan Paul (2010)
Title Entrepreneurial orientation & firm performance : the moderating effect of institution & governing-agency social capital


Author Wu, Wai-shing (2010)
Title Process-based capability improvement through Six Sigma for multi-type customers


Author Yip, Ming Tony (2010)
Title Top management intention to comply with industry standards in the China automotive industry


Author Chau, Lek-chong Ricky (2010)
Title The psychological mechanisms of Chinese transformational leadership


Author Lee, Kwok-fai (2010)
Title The impact of IFRS on accounting quality : evidence from Hong Kong listed firms


Author Chan, Yat-man (2010)
Title Intention to adopt ASP for core and non-core functions


Author Yip, Choi-yee (2010)
Title Ownership structure and internal control over financial reporting


Author Fok, Yuk-fung Josephine (2010)
Title Response strategies to contract violation in channel relationship : antecedents and consequences


Author Leung, Kai-yuen Kelvin (2010)
Title To seek or not to seek : how do cultural oreintations [i.e. orientations] of individuals affect their proactive feedback-seeking behaviour?


Author Ho, Yiu-sum Michael (2010)
Title Sentiment and stock returns : the case of financial restatements


Author Wai, Yau-hang Andre (2010)
Title Exploring new constructs of authoritarian leadership : an empirical study on paternalism in Hong Kong
Author Leung, Kin-keung Vincent (2010)
Title Impacts of explorative and exploitative strategic alliances on firm performance : a study of small and medium enterprises in China


Author Law, Man Wah (2011)
Title Preannouncement and event-period private information acquisition : a trading volume analysis of AH-shares in mainland China and Hong Kong markets


Author Chan, Tick Lun Alan (2011)
Title Effects of flexibility and supply chain agility on firm performance in the fashion industry


Author Poon, Kwok Ho (2011)
Title How service use is transformed to social value through customer’s identifications : an empirical study of value co-creation in brand community


Author Cheung, Wai Man (2011)
Title The effects of technology accessibility, self efficacy and social support on work family conflict and life satisfaction


Author Yiu, Hing Leung (2011)
Title Service dominant orientation, external network, knowledge sharing, relationship learning, and innovative performance : an empirical study on technology firms in Hong Kong


Author Tang, Wai Sang (2011)
Title General causality orientations, work motivation and perceived service quality in high-contact service environments


Author Wong Lau, Siu Kuen (2012)
Title A study of customization strat[e]gies for online retailing businesses


Author Kong, Tak Chuen Titus (2012)
Title Exploring the role of internal service quality in the manufacturing context
Author Lam, Ki Wai Lianne (2013)
Title The double-edged sword of environmental education : a quasi-experimental study in China


Author Wu, Chun Wah Michael (2013)
Title CEO turnover and stock price crash


Author Tong, Chak Wai Wilson (2013)
Title Can insider trading activities and board independence affect company performance? : a study of Hong Kong market


Author Tao, Shiu Chung Spencer (2013)
Title The impact of dynamic capabilities, manufacturing flexibility, organizational ambidexterity on firm performance : a theoretical model and an empirical study


Author: Lam, Hei Ling Charles (2013)
Title: The “unreal” estate : how does investor sentiment predict the future “real” estate returns of residential property in Hong Kong?


Author Ip, Sui King Heidi (2013)
Title Does the ownership structure of state-owned enterprises help or hurt acquisition performance?


Author Ho, Angus (2013)
Title Exploring customer expectations for professional services firms using zone of tolerance framework


Author Fong, Lee Wan (2013)
Title Flow signals from advertising, research and development expenditures : their impacts on firm value


Author Fan, Stephanie Winnie (2013)
Title Do speculators drive futures prices? : evidence from the futures prices of precious metals


Author Cheung, Wah Keung (2013)
Title Are family firms bad? : evidence from listed firms in Hong Kong


Author Lai, Man Yuk Raymond (2014)
Title Is there a “real” trend in the real estate market? : evidence from the country-level real estate indices


Author Senecal, Julie (2014)
Title Can identification with a corporate brand motivate employees in the service industry


Author Po, Chun Wong Danny (2014)
Title An empirical study of the relationship between managerial ability and the success of strategic acquisitions


Author Li, Man Hong (2014)
Title The effect of calculative orientation towards ethical behavior, ethical leadership and team ethical climate on employee’s work behavior : a combinational perspective


Author Kwok, Chi Yun Francis (2014)
Title The impact of information exchange on strategic alliance performance in an uncertain environment : a study of contractual joint ventures in China


Author Leung, Kwok Way (2014)
Title Ladies or gentlemen : effects of mortality salience on consumer attitude toward gender-stereotyped products


Author Lai, Wai Man (2014)
Title A test on a stock return forecast model : evidence from the Hong Kong market


Author Cheng, Hiu Hung (2014)
Title The strategic implementation of market orientation culture : safeguarding customer value for better firm performance


Author Chiang, Hsin Eric (2014)
Title Home bias, investor sentiments and international portfolio management


Author Chen, Litsung Louis (2014)
Title Must eagle breed doves? : the joint effect of the characteristics of successors and predecessors on gerenational shadow


Author Chan, So Kuen (2014)
Title An empirical study of how strategic orientations affect green supply chain management practices and firm financial performance in China


Author: Chiang, Hsin Eric (2014)
Title: Home bias, investor sentiments and international portfolio management


Author Chu, Kwan Siu Candace (2015)
Title The effects of customer participation on customer citizenship behaviour : the mediating role of interpersonal attraction and its boundary conditions


Author Tse, Ping Shing (2015)
Title Ownership concentration, audit committee characteristics, and earnings management : empirical analysis of Hong Kong listed companies


Author: Cheon, Byung Kyu (2015)
Title: The illiquidity of the Asian USD bond market : does illiquidity explain the credit spread puzzle?


Author: Fung, Chak-tin (2015)
Title: Exploring the impact of service climate and personal cultural orientations on internal service quality and employee performance : an empirical study


Author: Kong, Kwok Wai (2015)
Title: Announcement premium : a price-correction-based explanation


Author: Leung, Pak Hang (2015)
Title: The role of social entrepreneurial competence in resource acquisition in social entrepreises


Author: Yin, Ching Yuen Christopher (2015)
Title: Impact of logo color diversity on consumer judgment and preference


Author: Chan, Ka Wai (2015)
Title: Arousal and consumer reaction to monetary sales promotions


Author: Chan, Pui Shan (2015)
Title: A study of ingratiating behavior towards coworkers


Author: Chan, Wai Chuen Ricky (2015)
Title: Does CEO inside debt affect accounting irregularities?


Author: Chan, Wai Ming William (2015)
Title: Till gossip do we part : gossip, emotion, and interpersonal relationships


Author: Cheng, Huidian (2015)
Title: Justice, cynicism, and whining


Author: Koon, Wai-chee Olivia (2015)
Title: Understanding the influences of espoused cultural values and faith-in-others on electricity saving


Author: Lee, Tak Lee Norman (2015)
Title: Effects of e-loyalty program and social media marketing activity on brand relationship quality


Author: So, Pui Sai Patricia (2015)
Title: “We” like fair trade products more than “I”? : The impact of self-construal on consumer reactions to fair trade products


Author: Szeto, Sin Ho Martin (2015)
Title: Regulatory focus compatibility, commitment and innovation in SME coopetitions


Author: Bai, Song (2016)
Title: Does drinking really matter? : an empirical study of the effect of drinking on Guanxi in Chinese B2B markets


Author: Chen, Jianwen (2016)
Title: Extraversion and sales performance : does face-to-face communication matter?


Author: Chen, Yang (2016)
Title: Soe dominance and corporate diversification : evidence from Chinese stock markets


Author: Chiu, Yin-king (2016)
Title: The mediating effect of controllability attributional style between abusive supervision and the selected work outcomes


Author: Choi, Pui Ching Joyce
Title: Diamond cuts diamond : exploring the role of customer participation in service quality co-creation : a study of the shopping mall tenant-landlord relationship


Author: Chu, Ya-lei (2016)
Title: Entrepreneurship, talent and regional economic development in China


Author: Fung, Kwan Hung Jack (2016)
Title: Managerial power versus optimal contracting : which better explains executive pay in Chinese non-state-owned enterprises?


Author: Jim, Wai Kee (2016)
Title: Wealth transfer effect revisited : evidence from stock and CDS market reactions to share repurchase


Author: Lee, Yin Toa (2016)
Title: The impact of reporting frequency on the information quality of share price : some evidence from the Chinese state-owned enterprises


Author: Wong, Kwok Keung (2016)
Title: A study of the critical success factors of quality management in the civil construction industry


Author: Wong, Tik Lun Franko (2016)
Title: Goal orientations, decision motives and academic performance


Author: Yam, Yuen Man (2016)
Title: The impact of multiple fundraising goals on charitable donations


Author: Chu, Buston (2017)
Title: Can corporate social responsibilities drive customer and employee citizenship behaviours : its mediating mechanism and the boundary condition of customer participation


Author: Leung, Kim Ming Kenneth
Title: Fixing troubled companies and sustainable emergence : evidence from China


Author: Chen, Bing Ming (2017)
Title: Macroeconomic policy, foreign hedging, and exchange rate


Author: Chunn, Alex (2017)
Title: Ties that bind : how social networks affect new product development team performance


Author: Du, Zihua (2017)
Title: The effects of a country’s soft power on FDI flows


Author: Ip, Ching Loi (2017)
Title: Leveraging selective revealing strategies and team sharing on enhancing innovativeness of small-medium enterprise logistics service providers in Hong Kong


Author: Ip, Kammy (2017)
Title: Does independent audit oversight impact audit quality? : evidence from Hong Kong audit firms registered with the PCAOB


Author: Leung, Shing Koon Gabriel (2017)
Title: Solvers’ continued participation intention in crowdsourcing platforms : an empirical study of motivation, justice and self-efficacy in microtask crowdsourcing


Author: Shek, Yi Keung (2017)
Title: Media synchronicity, collaboration, and organizational performance : an empirical study of synchronous & asynchronous CMC media use in multinational companies


Author: Siu, Mei Kuen (2017)
Title: Ascending to the top : what can female executives do to earn respect?


Author: Wang, Wenhua (2017)
Title: Top executive compensation and firm performance : a comparative analysis of SOEs and non-SOEs in China


Author: Wong, Owen (2017)
Title: Why have many US-listed Chinese firms recently announced to go private?


Author: Yiu, Kwok On (2017)
Title: CEO succession in Chinese family businesses : a governing-by-laissez-faire (無為而治) perspective