Message from Chairman

Dear members,

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of our new website for our DBAAA members.

ericAs the Chairman of the Doctor of Business Administration Alumni Association Chairman, I feel proud to witness the PolyU DBA program have nurtured hundreds of Scholar Manager Doctorate Graduates who will certainly provide great contribution to our society and are equipped with sharp analytical mind, research skills and critical thinking skills. The rigorous research training in the program provided an extended horizon to all our DBA graduates.

The objective of the PolyU DBAAA is to provide a platform for all graduates to keep a close connection to PolyU, fellowship amongst our members, providing support to our DBA cohorts who prepared to start their research thesis by sharing our research experience. We also connect the business and other areas leaders to exchange views and take action in sharing our own experience to enrich our knowledge amongst members. In addition, we also serve as a bridge between PolyU DBA office and with our alumnus members.

I look forward to seeing our members will keep on connecting amongst us via this new designed website with multi-functions for better and faster communication at any time and anywhere.


Dr. Eric Chin


The PolyU Doctor in Business Administration Alumni Association