The PolyU DBA Alumni Association


The PolyU DBA Alumni Association Limited (DBAAA) was established on 18th February, 2000 to build and maintain a network among PolyU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduates, and to encourage and sustain professional development of the Association’s members. DBAAA members are connected to an alumni network of 25 years’ PolyU DBA students. This is an extensive network of fellow cohorts from diverse backgrounds, fields and […]

Types of Membership

Associate Member: Students pursuing a DBA programme at the PolyU are eligible to become Associate Members. The membership fee is HK$2,000. Membership will continue as long as the member is a DBA student. Upon graduation, the member is converted to a Life Member and the membership fee is carried over. (see below) Application for Associate Member can be made by completing the DBAAA Associate Membership […]

Vision & Mission

Vision ▪ To be an influential doctoral community of scholar leaders that bridges the business and academics for contribution to a better society through knowledge application, exchange and transfer. Mission ▪ Serve as a representative and reputable platform for “scholar-leaders” as an intellectual pool and to give opinions / advice to relevant bodies on important topics in our society. ▪ Connect members and alumni locally […]

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