The PolyU DBA Alumni Association Limited (DBAAA) was established on 18th February, 2000 to build and maintain a network among PolyU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduates, and to encourage and sustain professional development of the Association’s members. DBAAA members are connected to an alumni network of 25 years’ PolyU DBA students. This is an extensive network of fellow cohorts from diverse backgrounds, fields and locations.

The PolyU DBA places an emphasis on developing scholar-leaders, with a distinct focus on cross-disciplinary academic research that has real-world applications. It is widely recognised as one of the highest academic achievements for senior managers. The programme was launched in 1996. Graduates include prominent members of the business community, many of whom belong to DBAAA.

The Association is a body corporate (a Hong Kong company limited by guarantee) formed solely for promoting relationship services. It is a Hong Kong based organization.


Registered Address

The PolyU DBA Alumni Association Limited
M1506a, 15/F, Li Ka Shing Tower,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom,